New, fun and exciting game to learn  chopsticks!

Great fun for all ages!

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game play video

GoChopstix game play is easy ... the first player to move their food items from their rotating Lazy Susan color compartment to their matching color plate, without dropping them, wins the round!     

The more you play, the better you become at using chopsticks! 

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game play variations

First player to move items to own plate is the winner

This is the basic game play, which is based on a player's skill and speed, and can be modifited with variations as described below.

Game based on same skill level

When children or beginners play, they can choose to play with larger food items that are easier to pick up.

More skilled players can choose to play with smaller and slickier food items for more of a challenge.

Game based on players having various skill levels

When players having various skill levels play together, its possible to level the playing field by allowing children or beginners to use connectors on their chopsticks (comes with the game), as well as pick up larger food items, while the more skilled players use regular chopsticks and picking up smaller, slickier food items.

Timed play

Another game variation is to use a timer to time game play.  The player to transfer the most food items to their plate within the set time, wins the round.

Point system and timed play

The game comes with a point system whereby each food item is given certain point values based on their difficulty to pick up.  The player with the most points when the timed play is over, wins the round.


We've all fumbled using chopsticks the first time!

Its fun trying, but it becomes annoying especially when you are hungry, 

and embarrassing when you are on a first date or business lunch or dinner.

You will improve by practicing picking up food items from a rotating tray.

The more you play, the better you become!

Invented by Chuck Labitan

A prolific inventor who has invented tabletop games, toys games, and has had a toy license with Hasbro ...

... and was on the first season of the American Inventor TV show on ABC

 (with another product)

... and will be on another invention TV show this Fall 2017 

(can't be mentioned yet for TV suspense)

So stay tuned and visit back often to see which show!

Click to learn about our upcoming Indiegogo launch

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